www.Migrationnewsbd.com is a first specialized news portal. This news site has been created to widely cover the migration sector at home and abroad. Different English and Bengali dailies in Bangladesh cover it. Except a few of them, most of them poorly cover the sector despite its serious appeal. There is also weakness in the follow-up stories. That is why we feel the necessity to launch the site to seal the weakness of reporting.

If we consider the role of overseas employment on the national economy, we should care more closely. Bangladesh being a country of surplus labour has been supplying huge number of workers to foreign countries, especially in the Middle East countries. Government officials claim around 8 million Bangladeshis have been staying at different countries. Government official statistics show over 4,00,000 Bangladeshis are going abroad for jobs every year. The country receives over $15b in remittance sent by expatriate Bangladeshis.

Despite, the good governance in the sector is still a far cry. Wage earners were left to suffer in multiple ways. During the process of migration, the jobs seekers are cheated and misinformed. While they reach the destination country, they are mistreated by the employers.

Therefore, we want to dedicate our efforts to unearthing the stories of helpless migrants, which usually go undisclosed and unpublished. Our goal is to reduce sufferings of our migrants, who are sometimes called the national heroes but their wellbeing is left uncared.