State-owned commercial bank equals to Shaheed Qadri's dream!

To find out whether a bank is a complete welfare institution, I read the definition and move away as soon as I see the issue of profit and loss. Because, every year, in addition to the regular salary-bonus, I also swallow some part of the profit! However, one thing is true, every time at the end of the year, the bank earns so much money, since then, without knowing it, the addition and subtraction continues inside. I hear screams in my mind again, why so much money will be left, I do not work less all year! As long as I think of myself as a student, then the teachers would think of me, much like the results of those school and college days. From the time of the test till the night before the result, I used to look at my examination papers many times, give numbers and cut! As well as the exams being good and bad, those who would look at the examination papers were very kind teachers, we would think of them as their children, etc., and in the end, I would fall asleep with a good number myself and a big hope. The next day, the result is done! and the bonus is also given! by subtracting everything from my inner addition, subtraction, screaming!

I speak of the inner cry of the mind; I do not work less all year! In fact, I do not work less, at least I work a few times more than the scope of work of the bank or the definition of the work of bankers I joined the bank. Because what I read about banking before I got a job is that a bank is a financial institution that takes money from one person and gives it to another. But I also read a bad thing, bankers lend umbrellas on sunny days and take them away on rainy days! After joining the bank, for the first time, I used to try to look for those umbrellas here and there, but I saw only paper and paper, file and file, umbrellas were nowhere!

Now let's talk about depositing and disbursing money, what is this, how many types and explain with examples. Foreign Remittance, Utility Bill, Retirement Allowance, Admission of Educational Institutions, Teachers Salary, Elderly Allowance, Widow Allowance, Disability Allowance, Extremely Poor Allowance, Kabikha Money, TK. 10/- for Marginalized People, Stipend money! Needless to say, thousands of numbers have to be completed within a certain time or day. Again, there is a matter of collecting money by putting up banners. For example: even if you are a martyr, the sins of the loan will not be forgiven, winter loan recovery month, spring loan recovery week, loan fair etc. The most amazing banner seemed to me, at the sacrificial animal market, to counterfeit notes identified here. Where bankers sit with counterfeit note detection devices. I think, sitting in the cattle market for hours with that device, whether the bank workers can detect counterfeit notes or not, how much does the machine weigh, how many nuts and bolts are there, the light is neither white nor blue, blue between white and blue etc. He has mastered the issues very well. Sometimes I think, yes! If it were a rocket without a counterfeit note detector! Then how many rocket scientists would have met in so many days in the country! In other words, even if we are not the parents who give birth to money, we are the local guardians. Money is where we are there. And its perimeter starts from the premises of bank to the upazilla field, Union Parishad office, customer's house, animal market!

There is another thing, that is the Eid holiday with which the society-locality has a thing. As Eid approaches, the roads become empty and the banks become crowded. The extra holiday is the golden deer. To get a few hours off, there are again office instructions. You have to take turns to come to the bank and see if everything is in order, whether the guards are staying in the bank as per the roster. Carriage horses are rarely available during this holiday season, but if one or two are available, they want to go to the reserve at a higher price. On the way back, the drivers widened their smiles and asked, "Brother, there is no house in the market, where do you go to eat?"

Even those who have gone on to form banks, defining banks and bankers, do not seem to have dreamed of the situation today. Even if someone sees something like this in a dream, he omits it before bringing it to his mind. In fact, the work of the bank workers at present is not only a work of physical work but also a work of mental work. Because, in every job, you have to listen to almost every person, you have to talk, you have to give advice, besides thousands of important, less important or non-important questions of thousands of people, you have to answer this type of question hour after hour. There are a lot of calls from abroad whether their remittances have been received properly, how much money has been deposited, no one else should be told about the status of his account, then again, what is your name, where is your house, what is the condition of the country, what is the condition of the area? Etc., etc. In fact, banks have become a place of conversation, a place of comfort, a place of trust, a place of love for the rich as well as marginalized people. It is seen that most of the customers do not talk to their families but they talk to the bankers and decide on the next use of their savings or loan money. There is no opportunity to bring the issue of willingness or unwillingness of bank workers here. I don't know how legal it is to go beyond professionalism but I think it's a big achievement for bankers. With all due respect to other professionals, if the scope of work of other service providers, including banks, is graphed from birth to the present day, it may be seen that I am running and Usain Bold is running as a bank!

In any case, I have expressed my solidarity with this huge work of the bank today, from taking and giving money, to doing good deeds, that is, not just turning from a financial institution to a benevolent institution, after reading a few lines of my beloved poet Shahid Qadri, "I am not afraid. I will make such an arrangement. If you go to the State Bank and break a rose or a chrysanthemum, you will get at least four lac taka. If you give a bellflower, you will get four cardigans." Poet, you can see from above this groundbreaking effort of ours, you must feel good. If your sweetheart has already come to the bank, then defeat! And if not yet to bank, then write a couple more lines to stop your sweetheart. And just a few days, the day we will truly be equal to your dream, equal to your trust, there will be a clear option next to the security box - rose/chrysanthemum/bellflower or love/humanity.

Md. Anamul Haque is a Bank worker. He can be reached at [email protected]

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