GAMD Welcomes Migration Practitioners
Bikash Chowdhury Barua in workshop

The Global Academy on Migration and Development welcomes anybody engaged in the field of Migration and Development to be in touch with the GAMD, according to one of its founders.

Bikash Chowdury Barua, who is Europe coordinator of the GAMD, made the welcome call while speaking at a workshop held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 24.

BASUG International in collaboration with INAFI Bangladesh and Bangladesh Civil Society Organization for Migration organized the workshop on “Advancing development through partnership and collective action: Enriching migration cycle.”

In his welcome address, Bikash Chowdhury said, ‘Today I am representing not only BASUG but also Global Academy on Migration and Development, an off-shoot of ‘Migration Laboratory’, which was set up in 2017 with 33 development actors both government and civil society, from 18 countries across the globe, in order to find out ways, on how ‘migration can benefit all’.

In this Academy he said that they were a pool of practitioners from CSOs, governments, academe and private sector with expertise in implementing and supporting migration and development initiatives (from policies to actions, from national to local levels) in destination and origin countries.

“The vision of the GAMD is to be the leading network of migration and development practitioners, engaged in capacity building, knowledge exchange, and action research that will contribute to the development of the migrants, their families and communities in origin and destination countries.;

He said that ‘migration across Europe and the developed countries, unfortunately and to our utter frustration, is being seen as a ‘threat’ and not as an ‘opportunity’.

Bikash Chowdhury said that they ought to change this notion and stressed that has to be done through partnership and collective action.

The key question in the field of migration today is: “What can be done to minimize the risk of irregular migration and how, to better harness the huge development potentials of the migrants”.

This is one of the key objectives of Global Compact on Migration (GCM). And there is no other solution than to forge an increased global cooperation among different stakeholders, including the states, civil society and the private sector, share lessons learned and best practices, in the context of migration governance, directly linked to migration-related SDGs and goals of the Global Compact on Migration (GCM). We hope at the end of the day it will come up with some concrete suggestions.

Academics, civil society leaders, migration rights activists and representatives from different organizations were present at the workshop.

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