12th GFMD Summit Meeting Shifted to January

The 12th summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development has been shifted to January 20-24 in 2020 as it was due in November 19-22.

According to an official announcement made on Friday, the venue of the GFMD summit meeting would remain in Quito, the capital city of the Republic Ecuador.

In a statement, 2019 GFMD chair Ambassador Santiago Chavez said that in view of recent developments, the summit has been postponed to 20-24 January 2020.

‘This decision was taken after conducting due diligence and consulting with the GFMD Troika, with the interest of participants as the host government’s key consideration,’ said the statement.

Ambassador Santiago Chavez, also Vice Minister for Human Mobility of Ecuador, invited the state members, observers of the United Nations and other GFMD observers to take part 12th GFMD summit meeting in Quito.

Consequently, the registration for the Quito Summit has been extended until 29 November 2019 only for the government delegation.

Created in 2007, the GFMD, a state-led, informal and non-binding process, helps shape the global debate on migration and development.

It provides a flexible, multi-stakeholder space where governments can discuss the multi-dimensional aspects, opportunities and challenges related to migration, development, and the link between these two areas.

The GFMD process allows governments - in partnership with civil society, the private sector, the UN system, and other relevant stakeholders – to analyse and discuss sensitive issues, create consensus, pose innovative solutions, and share policy and practices.

The GFMD Ten-Year Review Report, commissioned by GFMD 2017-2018 Co-Chairs Germany and Morocco in 2018, recommended a number of improvements to the GFMD Summit format in order to deepen policy dialogue, knowledge-sharing and networking, as well as facilitate the formation of partnerships.

In line with these recommendations, the GFMD 2019 Chair Ecuador has introduced a number of innovative elements to provide a more inclusive and interactive Summit Meeting in Quito.

For the first time in the history of the GFMD, all GFMD stakeholders – governments, international organizations, civil society, business and local authorities – would meet in the same venue during the official program of the 12th GFMD Summit.  

In last December, 11th GFMD was held in Marrakesh of Morocco.

The 10th GFMD was held in Berlin of Germany in 2017 while 9th in Dhaka of Bangladesh in 2016, 8th in Istanbul of Turkey in 2015, 7th in Stockholm of Sweden in 2014, 6th in Port Louis of Mauritius in 2012, fifth in Geneva of Switzerland, 4th in Puerto Vallarta of Mexico in 2010, 3rd in Athens of Greece in 2009, 2nd in Manila of the Philippines in 2008 and 1st in Brussels of Belgium in 2007.


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