Undoc Bangladeshis Asked to Avail Malaysian Amnesty
Photo: Migration News

Undocumented Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia are ready to return home by taking amnesty of the host country, said Bangladesh officials in Kuala Lumpur.

A five month amnesty for the undocumented expatriate workers in Malaysia began on Thursday and the opportunity would allow the undocumented workers to leave Malaysia without facing legal hassles.

Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur expressed its hope that the country’s undocumented workers would all take the opportunity and return home within deadline.

The Malaysian government announced the 'Back 4 Good ' program which would end December 31, 2019.

Bangladesh Labour Councillor Zahirul Islam said that Bangladesh High Commission arranged a press briefing and disseminated press releases through mainstream and social media requesting Bangladeshis to avail the amnesty.

 ‘We are expecting that all undocumented Bangladeshi workers will avail the opportunity,’ he said.

Under the amnesty the undocumented workers will have to go back home after paying Malaysian Ringgit (RM) 700 each.

The undocumented workers will also need to obtain proper travel documents, like their passports and special travel passes from their embassies, as well as arrange their own transportation back to their home countries within seven days.

Malaysian government said the program would be conducted solely by the Immigration Department, and no middlemen or agents would be involved.

Around 200 officers at about 80 immigration counters in Peninsular Malaysia were ready to help facilitate the process.

Malaysia based human rights organization North South Initiative advised the migrant workers in Malaysia not to be cheated by any broker.

Its executive director Adrian Pereira told Migration News that the migrant workers should report to the authorities concerned if anyone asked for more than 700 Malaysian Ringgit.

‘We hope that the embassies will provide support and take care of their citizens who are returning,’ he said.

About 10 lakh workers went to Malaysia with jobs since 1978, according to the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training data.


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